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Surgical Recovery London Surgical Recovery London

Your dedicated team of medical experts. Preparing you for surgery, working with your surgeon and supporting your recovery.

“The result of your treatment is dependent on how well prepared you are”

In the same way as an athlete must prepare to ensure highest performance, so do patients before an operation. Being looked after by a multidisciplinary medical team, ensuring nutritional optimisation and physical fitness before the surgery and aftercare postoperatively can reduce the recovery time and result in less postoperative discomfort and complications.

Surgical Recovery London (SRL) is a physician led team of selected healthcare professionals. Our team, and combined expertise, create adaptable tailored care plans to give all of our patients a unique personalised experience whilst undergoing surgical treatment to enhance recovery.

“Surgical Recovery London offer a professional service in optimising surgical readiness, both physically and mentally and focusing on post-surgical requirements to enhance results”

The Surgical Recovery London difference

The team at SRL consists of experienced healthcare professionals who work cohesively with surgeons in offering support to patients. 

Luxury hospitality with leading medical care

Our philosophy was developed due to the proven benefits of a relaxed state of mind and its positive effects on healing. The SRL philosophy is that optimised operative results starts from the moment a patient commits to have surgery. We believe that the preoperative and postoperative times are as important as the surgery itself and have therefore joined up the process.

Safety and comfort are of the upmost importance. It is not just about the outcome but also the journey itself, therefore we put great emphasis on the patient experience to make sure an outstanding service is provided.

This is what we do at Surgical Recovery London

  • Create an individualised treatment plan with our multi-expert team of medical professionals
  • Help patients prepare for surgery physically and mentally
  • Help with transition of continuing care from the healthcare setting to private residence
  • Aftercare and rehabilitation at own residence by our medical team
  • Monitoring of the postoperative progress to ensure safe and speedy recovery

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