7 Myths About Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most frequently used cosmetic procedures. The primary purpose of with liposuction is to remove the stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to exercising and dieting, which can also be influenced by genetic factors. The most common areas for liposuction are the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. Below are some of the commonly associated myths with liposuction:


# IT IS A WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY. Liposuction is more about body sculpting and removing stubborn areas of fat. Yes, surgery does lead to weight loss, but it is not the primary aim and we always recommend a healthy lifestyle in combination with any of our treatments.


# Once removed, THE FAT IS LOST FOREVER. Overconsumption of calories and a sedentary lifestyle will eventually lead to re-accumulation of fat. It may not return fully at the site of liposuction, but it will still accumulate in other areas.


# Fat STORES EXTRA ENERGY. This is partially correct. Fat also works as insulation and as well as affecting the hormonal balance. Fat cells are divided into white and brown each having different roles in the body.


# QUICK LOSS OF FAT WILL MAKE ME LOOK OLDER AND SAGGY. This is not entirely true. After losing body weight in a short time span or due to liposuction, the skin may become loose and saggy. In most people it will tighten with time and in certain cases might require surgical correction. This can be discussed with your specialist at your consultation to find the best treatment. Most importantly there are several health benefits from loosing fat.




# ULTRASOUND FAT REMOVAL IS BETTER THAN LIPOSUCTION. Body contouring with devices such as ultrasound is becoming increasingly popular. They are however not as effective as liposuction and are only indicated in certain cases. Body contouring treatments can work impressively well in combination with other therapies as well as on their own. Your specialist will be able to advise and explore this more together with you.


# LIPOSUCTION CAUSES SKIN IRREGULARITIES. It is a risk however it happens rarely and is an uncommon. Our surgical experts are truly experienced and are happy to discuss the risks with you. In recent years the surgical techniques have improved a lot, which means that you will be up an going again with minimal downtime.


# LIPOSUCTION IS UNSAFE. Liposuction is amongst the most popular procedures and considered safe. As it involves the fat under the skin, the risk of damaging organs and bleeding is minimal. All surgical procedures carry risks and how safe a procedure is depends on the type, the expertise of the practitioner and existing health conditions of the patient. All our surgeons are experts with extensive experience and will be happy discussing the potential risks during your consultation so that you can feel reassured.