Why going abroad for your procedure isn’t necessarily more financially viable

A post was recently published by the American Society of plastic surgeons where they brought up a topic which some clients might have considered at some stage. With the increased popularity in cosmetic procedures there has been a desire to find a cheaper deal abroad or like some call it have a “plastic surgery vacation”. However there are a few vital factors to take into consideration before anyone contemplates it as an option.



1 – complications and revisions: if any complications arise post operatively and the client has returned home, the clinician who is reviewing the patient might not have a complete record of the procedure that the patient has undergone. This can potentially compromise the care.


2 – travel safety: some of the destinations might involve a long journey including flights. The risk of developing complications such as blood clots and infections can be high if you are travelling immediately after an operation.


3 – recovery: follow up with your surgeon is very important, to ensure a progressive healing process, quick recognition and treatment of any complications and overall continuity of care. If the surgeon is abroad this might pose a difficulty with potential risks to the client.


4 – quality of care: the standards for procedures might vary between different countries along with accreditations and training of surgeons. We strongly advise that clients research their surgeons and the facility before considering undergoing any procedures. It is vital for clients to also know that insurance companies might not cover any complications. Another important consideration is that clients might not be entitled to any protection against malpractice as medical tourists.


We strongly recommend clients who are considering cosmetic procedures to research their practitioners, regardless of whether at home or abroad, and their options thoroughly before making a commitment.